The Regimental Marches consist of the following:

Slow Marches

  "The March from Sciplo"
  "The Duke of York's March"

Quick Marches  

"The British Grenadiers"
  "The Grenadier's March" (in certain cases also used as a slow march)


"The March from Scipio" was composed for the First Guards by Handel, and was presented by him to the Regiment before its inclusion in the opera which was first performed in 1726.

"The British Grenadiers" and "The Grenadiers March" were the marching tunes of the Grenadier Companies of the whole Army. They were adopted by the First Guards on becoming a Regiment of Grenadiers in 1815. The Grenadier Companies were the right flank Companies of Infantry Battalions. Their association with these two marches is perpetuated in the ceremony of Trooping the Colour when, whatever the regiment, The Escort for The Colour (the right flank company on parade) marches out to receive the Colour to the tune of "The British Grenadiers", and troops it along the line in slow time to the tune of "The Grenadiers' March".

The Regiment marches past in quick time to "The British Grenadiers", and into Camp or Barracks to "The Grenadiers' March", on which occasions the latter may be referred to as "The Grenadiers Return".