Qualifications for Membership

There shall be four categories of membership:

Serving Members

All Serving Officers, serving Warrant Officers, Non-Commisioned Officers and Guardsmen who have completed recruit training.


  • All Officers who have formerly served in the Regiment.

  • Officers and Soldiers of other Corps or Regiments who have formerly served in the Grenadier Guards and the Regimental Band prior to the advent of CAMUS.

  • Discharged Soldiers provided they have completed their recruit training in the Regiment and have been awarded a character assessment of not less than "SATISFACTORY".

Associate Members

Members of Associations of other Regiments of the Household Division and members of the Regimental Band of the CAMUS era are known as Associate Members

Honorary Members

Ladies (including Grenadier widows) and Gentlemen who have not served in the Grenadier Guards, but who have given outstanding service to the Regiment (e.g. Medical Officers, Chaplains etc) and others in line with the By-Laws for Branches, Section 2, paragraph 2.


  1. The Executive Committee reserves the right to reconsider the membership accorded to all categories.

  2. Discharged men or Army Reservists with a character reference less than "SATISFACTORY" may apply to join the Association provided that they can show that their conduct since leaving the Colours has been satisfactory. Applications should be made in writing to the General Secretary for special consideration by the Executive Committee who are empowered to elect or re-elect them.

  3. Any member shall be struck off who has been convicted by the Civil Power, if, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the offence is of a serious nature. Members dealt with under this Rule may apply for re-election, being subject to the provision of point 2 above.

  4. The Executive Committee reserves to themselves the right to expel any member or exclude any applicant from membership.

  5. Those members of the Association who cease to belong under the Rules shall have no claim to a refund of any subscription or other payments made by him under these Rules.