Subscriptions, Donations and the Day's Pay Scheme


Subscriptions into the Headquarters Fund are not payable by any member.

At a local level and at the discretion of Branch Committees with the agreement of members, local rates for subscriptions may be set, collected and retained by Branches to support their general expenditure.


  1. All members shall be actively encouraged to donate an annual sum to the Association Headquarters Fund and where applicable, by way of a Gift Aided Donation. This enables the Association to claim a refund of income tax on all such donations; thereby helping to further the objects of the Association.

  2. All donations tro the Headquarters Fund of the Association (including Gift Aided donations) and legacies will be transacted through the Association Office. Member's donations/subscriptions of a routine nature should be sent to the Branch Secretary concerned, for retention by the Branch.

The Day's Pay Scheme

This is a voluntary scheme whereby serving Officers and Soldiers can contribute monthly to Regimental Charitable Funds direct from their pay. All those eligable are encouraged to do so in order to help support the Association's welfare effort which is in turn supported financially by a monthly Regimental grant.