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Grenadier Day will be held on Saturday 16 July 2022 in Lille Barracks, Aldershot. The day is open to all serving and non-serving Grenadiers and their families.

All civilian guests will require:

  1. To show valid photographic ID (Passport, driving licence etc).
  2. To consent to having their details taken upon entry (name, contact number).
  3. To allow any vehicles, bags they have to be searched and for them to be body scanned with a hoodlum metal detector.

Our next Regimental Lieutenant Colonel (from 18 June 2022), Maj Gen James Bowder OBE, and the Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion, Lt Col James Greaves, invite you all to attend.


  • 12:30 – Gates open (please be aware all those in attendance are subject to search upon entry)
  • 13.29 – Welcome from the Regimental Lieutenant Colonel
  • 13:30 – Arena events start, with the Regimental Band leading
  • 16:45 – Arena events finish
  • 17:30 – Gates close


  • Axe throwing.
  • Crazy golf.
  • Laser clays.
  • Segways.
  • Strike a light.
  • Dog display team.
  • Trials bike show.
  • Falconry display.
  • Static birds of prey display.
  • Wildlife display.
  • Circus Avago.
  • Magical musical bike.
  • Sheridan the sheep dog.
  • Dinosaur invasion.
  • The Grenadier truck.
  • Bouncy castle.


  • BBQ.
  • Ice-cream van.
  • Bar

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