Robert Charles (Bob) Goodson

Branch roles: Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer, Events Co-ordinator and Webmaster

Regimental number: 24440189

Service dates: 1976-2002


I was born in Garston, Hertfordshire, England on 2nd November 1954.

Having left school aged 15 ¼, I took a series of jobs as a coach-builder, a paper-maker and as a butcher, but wanted to join the Army and have a military career. It was not until mid-1976, at the age of 21 years, that – at the Army Careers Office, St. Albans – I enlisted into the Grenadier Guards as an adult soldier.

I reveled in the training and loved everything I was being subjected to, or taught. Basic training ended in March 1977 and at my Passing Out Parade at the Guards Depot, Pirbright, I was awarded Best Recruit.

I was posted to the 2nd Battalion, stationed in Chelsea Barracks and served in the Mortar Platoon as a Mortar Number, Assistant Command Post Operator (ACPO) and Mortar Fire Controller until August 1983. During this time I served with the Battalion in London, Kenya, Cyprus and twice in Northern Ireland.

From August 1983 to November 1984 I served initially as a Recruit Instructor and then, having been promoted in post, as a Superintending Sergeant at the Guards Depot, Pirbright.

From November 1984 I served with the 1st Battalion at Hounslow as a Platoon Sergeant in Number 2 Coy. I was then cross-posted back to the Mortar Platoon to serve as a Command Post Operator (CPO) in Münster, Germany. During 1986 I served with the Battalion in Armagh on another Northern Ireland tour.

In August 1988 I was posted to the NCOs Tactical Wing at the School of Infantry, Brecon as a Colour Sergeant Instructor, a job I enjoyed immensely and at the end of my initial tour there, I was privileged to be able to serve an extra 6 months in post. In December 1990 I returned to the 1st Battalion that was once again stationed in Münster but away serving in the Gulf.

Unable to join the Battalion, I was instead sent to Sennelager to train troops for Operation Granby. The Battalion eventually regrouped after the Gulf War and I took on the role of the Battalion Ration Accountant and put my IT skills to use delving into the computer world of CATPAC. I returned with the Battalion to Wellington Barracks in October 1991 to perform Public Duties.

On promotion to WO2 on 29 June 1994, I was posted to the Cinque Ports Training Area to serve as a Range Management Warrant Officer on the Ranges in Kent. In December 1996 I took on the post of the Training Area and Ranges Warrant Officer within the Headquarters of the Cinque Ports Training Area.

Ever eager to remain a serving Grenadier I transferred onto the Long Service List in May 1999 remaining at Cinque Ports Training Area (CPTA) where I coordinated unit training requirements for units deploying on Operational Tours, TA and Cadet Annual Camps and even Scout Camps. Around this, I administered a computer network of 30+ computers, maintained a further 50+ stand-alone PCs plus conducted troubleshooting PC problems (providing solutions I prefer to term it) and advising on any matter of other things. It kept me very busy and a job I reveled in. I left CPTA on discharge in April 2002.

During my service I was awarded the General Service Medal 1962 with clasp Northern Ireland, the United Nations Medal (Cyprus), the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. I saw service in Kenya, Canada, British Army of the Rhine (three tours), Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

I left HM Forces in April 2002 after 25 ½ years of adult Colour Service, but am able to continue my links with the Regiment by serving the East Kent Branch as Hon. Secretary, a post I took over on 15 March 2009, as Treasurer, a post I took over in August 1998 and as the Webmaster of this website. On Saturday 2 September 2017 I was awarded Life Vice Presidency of the Branch.

I am married to Sue (on 24 Feb 79) and have two children (Gary (born 8 Sep 80) and Natalie (born 3 Jun 82)).

My hobbies are all things computer-related, gardening, skiing, fishing and travelling.

Following my service in the Army, I worked as a Client Technology Engineer for a company in Ashford, Kent; now among the largest software companies in the world. I am a qualified Hardware and Software Technician and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

I retired on 31 May 2019. Plans were to then spend time travelling, but Covid-19 has put a temporary dampener on that.

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