George Albert Mills (22545771)

Branch roles: Grenadier Branch Member

Regimental number: 22545771

Service dates: 1953-1956


George joined the Regiment on 22 April 1953 at Caterham, England and was given the Regimental Number 22545771.

He went to the 14th Company where he trained under the watchful eye of his platoon Lance Sergeant who was named Bull Whitehead.

From there George went to Pirbright and at the end of training he joined the 3rd Battalion in Chelsea Barracks, London.

He served on Public Duties until March 1954 and then became a Regimental Cook under the Master Cook who was Colour Sergeant Parker.

George moved from Chelsea Barracks to Victoria Barracks, Windsor in 1955 where he continued to serve until his “demob” on 22 April 1956.

He was recalled to duty during the Suez crisis, but never went.

He served the Branch as Branch Photographer for many years.

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