Horace Albert (Harry) Peers (2624346)

Branch roles: Grenadier Branch Member

Regimental number: 2624346

Service dates: 1943-1947


Horace Albert Peers (Harry) joined the Grenadier Guards on 5 August 1943 and served until his demob on 4 July 1947. During his service he was a Guardsman at Aldershot. His Regimental number was 2624346.

He was married to Brenda (died 22 September 2011) and has 5 daughters, 10 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren.

Career History

As a WW2 conscript, he reported to Caterham and after the induction procedure Harry and others were shown their billet; which was one of the huts way down the bottom from the Fox Gate.

Trained Soldier Wells kept them in prim and proper order and got the squad through the hut discipline. His Squad Instructor was LCpl F Clutton (Late WO1 (RSM) Freddie Clutton MM) who put the Squad through their paces on the parade ground.

After passing out as a Guardsman, Windsor loomed ahead for further training. After that it was a spell in Wales and then to Howick Scotland before being shipped to Italy on active service (Harry recalls that he never fired a shot in Italy).

When peace came Harry’s Squad went to Germany as occupation troops and whilst there Harry became Col DC Brownlow’s driver.

Upon return to Pirbright, and near hisdemob date,  Harry was posted as “Regimentally Employed” to Chesham in Buckinghamshire as a driver to a Rear Admiral who was Camp Commandant to the Joint Services Staff College.

Then came demob time and he was posted to Aldershot, collected his suit etc, and was then back in “Civvie Street”.

Harry returned to Caterham 50 years later (one Grenadier Day) and did not recognise very much of it as the huts had gone and that’s where his memories were so strong.

Harry sends his best wishes to all.

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