The Branch was formed in 1948 in order to continue the comradeship formed during the War Years.

Our original title was “The Dover Sub Branch”, but we were re-titled as the East Kent Branch in 1969. Between 1948 and 1977 the Branch was financed by the Regiment, but since 1977 the Branch has been financially independent and holds charitable status. The Grenadier Guards Association is registered under the Charities Act, 2011 – No. 287265.

The Branch was the inspiration of Mr AJ Pullen who was a member of the “Old Kent Branch” which met in Maidstone. He was our first Branch Secretary and Treasurer – a post he held for 25 years. Our first Chairman was Lieutenant Colonel Hanning.

The East Kent Branch continues to keep alive the comradeship formed in military service and provides welfare for our old and needy ex-servicemen and widows.

We are governed by the Regimental Association and follow their Association Rules and By-Laws for Branches.

We extend a warm welcome to all former Grenadiers as well as all former Troopers and Guardsmen of the Household Division who have passed through training at Caterham, Pirbright, Windsor, Catterick or other Guards Training establishments.

Apply to Join the East Kent Branch

Please send your contact details and your Regimental history to the Membership Secretary

Membership of our Branch is primarily formed from former soldiers in the Grenadier Guards.

Grenadier members are Officers who have formerly served in the Regiment and Discharged Soldiers provided they have completed their recruit training in the Regiment and have been awarded a character assessment of not less than “SATISFACTORY”.

Historically, our membership has been augmented with a few former servicemen from the Life Guards, the Blues and Royals (Household Cavalry Regiment), Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards (The Household Division). Members of Associations of the Household Division may be elected as Associate Members of the Branch.

At the discretion of the Branch Committee, non-Household Division serving and non-serving personnel may be granted membership of the East Kent Branch.

Whether you are young, or not so young, we are always pleased to welcome new members.

Of all the Branches of the Grenadier Guards Association, the East Kent Branch is the ONLY Branch to have its own march dedicated to it.

The march, Invicta Grenadiers, was composed by Captain Benjamin Mason when he was a Lance Sergeant with the Band of the Grenadier Guards.

His links with the East Kent Branch are formed from the many Branch functions he attended over many years, along with other musicians in the Regimental Dance Band.

Captain Mason is currently the Director of Music of the Band of the Grenadier Guards.

He is a serving soldier and an Honorary Member of the East Kent Branch.

The Branch Committee is tasked with the administration of the Branch and organising many of the activities and functions that our members attend. Currently, the Branch Committee consists of just two of the Branch members.

  • President/Chairman: Major (Retd) Dennis Bradley, BEM DL
  • Vice President/Hon. Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster: Robert C (Bob) Goodson Esq

The names of other members who hold appointments within the Branch are shown below:

  • Deputy Chairman/Assistant Secretary/Branch Banner Carrier: Trevor Jones, MBE Esq
  • Assistant Treasurer/Assistant Events Secretary/Membership Secretary: David Grassham Esq
  • Branch Grenadier Visiting Friend/Welfare: Post currently vacant
  • Events Secretary: Post currently filled by the Hon. Secretary
  • Branch Meeting Raffle: Ian Bell Esq
  • Transportation Organiser: John (Stitch) Taylor Esq

Other Vice Presidents:

  • Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Richard M (Skid) Dorney MBE MStJ MSc
  • Algy Cluff, OBE Esq

The Branch encourages members to volunteer and join the committee. If you can assist, then please contact the Branch President or Hon. Secretary.

Grenadier members are Officers who have formerly served in the Regiment and Discharged Soldiers provided they have completed their recruit training in the Regiment and have been awarded a character assessment of not less than “SATISFACTORY“.

Our Grenadier members are:

  • BARRON, Robert (Bob) (24464754)
  • BRADLEY, BEM, DL, Dennis (Major (Retd.) (24048749/539631) – President and Chairman
  • BUCKLAND, Brian G (24400549)
  • CLUFF, OBE, Algy (Regimental number not held on record) – Vice President
  • COLE, Brian C (23252915)
  • COLE, TJ (23252141)
  • COUCHMAN, Eric (Bill) (24021106 (Also Medway Branch member)
  • COX, George E (Ted) (22955395)
  • DAVIS, Ronald B (23842939)
  • DORNEY, MBE, MStJ, MSc (Lt Col (Retd.) (554998) – Vice President
  • GOODSON, Robert C (Bob) (24440189) – Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Webmaster
  • GOODWIN, Kevin R (24539846)
  • GRASSHAM, David (23969836) – Assistant Treasurer, Membership Secretary
  • JONES, Alan ET (22213898)
  • JONES, MBE, Trevor (24141044) – Assistant Secretary, Branch Banner Carrier
  • MADSEN, Mark CI  (Regimental number not held on record)
  • MARSH, Peter G (24263621)
  • McKEOWN, Colin F (22545084)
  • MILLS, George A (22545771)
  • PEERS, Horace A (Harry) (2624246)
  • PRITCHARD, George H (2628726)
  • ROGERS, Peter (22213767)
  • RUSSELL, RA (23760229)
  • SAVAGE, James C (Jim) (23756945)
  • SILVESTER, Norman R (23688099)
  • SMITH, Gary P (24278005)
  • TAYLOR, John J (Stitch or Spud) (24048662) – Transport Coordinator
  • WILLIAMS, Kenneth W (Ken) (23287075)
  • WINNISTER, Charles DT (Chas)  (23934921)

All Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Guardsmen who have completed Recruit training, who are still serving and who have links to locations within our catchment area are classed as Serving Members of the East Kent Branch.

The Regiment generally notify Branches of who such persons are; although there are occasions where we are already aware of a members service status.

Our sole Serving member is:

  • MASON, Benjamin (Ben) (Captain (DoM) (Regimental numbers not held on record) – Director of Music, Band of the Grenadier Guards

Members of Associations of other Regiments of the Household Division may be elected as Associate Members of a Branch.

The Household Division consists of the Life Guards, the Blues and Royals (Household Cavalry Regiment), Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards (Foot Guards).

At the discretion of the Branch Committee, non-Household Division serving and non-serving personnel may be granted Associate membership of the East Kent Branch.

Associate members are treated no differently than Grenadier members are and share the same status within the East Kent Branch.

Our Associate members are:

  • BELL, Ian (24099600, 537578, 30045076) – Parachute Regiment/Royal Engineers
  • BROWN, Thomas (Tom) (Regimental number not held on record) – Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment
  • DURUP, Mike SR (23862398) – Royal Army Medical Corps
  • MILES, Keith (Councillor (Major (Retd.)) (24083587, 522804, 30037946) – Royal Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
  • MORAN, Joseph K (Joe) (Regimental number not held on record) – Coldstream Guards
  • SILK, William TG (Bill) (Regimental number not held on record) – Coldstream Guards
  • WATERHOUSE, Brian (22551536) – Scots Guards

Honorary membership is granted to ladies and gentlemen who have not served in the Grenadier Guards, but who have given outstanding service to the Regiment.

Branches may appoint Honorary Members at the discretion of their committee.

Our Honorary members are:

  • BARLEY, OStJ, Victor – Awarded for services to the Branch (General)
  • BRADLEY, Stuart D – Awarded for services to the Branch (General)
  • GOODSON, Gary N  – Awarded for services to the Branch (IT)
  • MASON, Benjamin (Ben) (Captain (DoM) (Regimental numbers not held on record) – Director of Music, Band of the Grenadier Guards – Awarded for services to the Branch (Music)

Social membership may be granted to ladies and gentlemen who have not served in the Grenadier Guards, but who enjoy the company of members of our Branch and who support our functions.

The Branch Committee appoint Social Membership.

Social Members pay the annual Branch membership.

Our sole Social member is:

  • NOTT, MSc, Robert H (Bob) (Royal Air Force)

Branch widows are ladies who were once married, or a partner, of a member of the Association, or the East Kent Branch, and who generally reside within our catchment area.

The Branch maintains contact with these ladies, who are welcome to attend any of the functions that the Branch or Association organise.

Our recorded Branch Widows are:

  • BALDERSTONE, Shiela HD – Widow of Harry Balderstone who died 25 July 2010 (aged 74)
  • CROUCH, Beverley (Bev) – Partner of 22705790 William Charles Frederick Marshall who died 16 June 2020 (aged 86)
  • GOLDSTEIN, Isabella E (Bella) – Widow of Ronald Goldstein who died 14 March 2017 (aged 86)
  • GODDEN, Joan – Widow of 22451372 Reginald Godden who died 19 April 2010
  • HAVERSON, Lesley  – Widow of Christopher Paul Haverson who died 25 November 2011
  • IZARD, Patricia (Pat) – Widow of Captain (Retd.) Gerald Izard who died 06 August 2009
  • PAIN, Muriel C – Widow of 2624807 Harry GR Pain who died 29 April 2014 (aged 87)
  • PAY, Doreen – Widow of Cyril Pay (Coldstream Guards) who died 29 March 2002
  • TRACEY, Gwen – Widow of Edward (Ted) L Tracey who died on 4 Oct 2012 (aged 74)
  • WEBSTER, Winifred E (Wynne) – Widow of 2627713 William FA (Bill) Webster who died 19 August 2016 (aged 87)
  • WILKIN, Patricia (Pat) – Widow of  Albert Wilkin

With regrets, but fond memories, we record the known deaths of the following past Branch members, or Grenadiers from our area, that the branch knows of:

Number Rank/Title Name Date of Death Regiment
22955298 Mr Carpenter, Edward (Ted) 17 Oct 2020
(aged 84)
Gren Gds
22705790 Mr Marshall, William Charles Frederick (Bill) 23 Jun 2020
(aged 86)
Gren Gds
2625916 Mr Spackman, John R 12 May 2019
(aged 93)
Gren Gds
2627498 Mr West, Harry Cyril 30 Nov 2017
(aged 90)
Gren Gds
14865901 Mr Palmer, Peter Nov 2017
(aged 91)
Gren Gds
22157771 Mr Goldstein, Ronald Harris (Ron) 14 Mar 2017
(aged 86)
Gren Gds
22545865 Mr Kilduff, Martin R 08 Mar 2017
(aged 82)
Gren Gds
22712094 Mr Harrington, Donald Richard (Don) 11 Jan 2017
(aged 82)
Gren Gds
2627713 Mr Webster William Frederick Alexander (Bill) 19 Aug 2016
(aged 89)
Gren Gds
22213006 Mr Wilkin, Albert Frederick George 21 Apr 2016
(aged 91)
Gren Gds
22545159 Mr Harding, Robert Evan 29 Feb 2016
(aged 82)
Gren Gds
2615427 Mr Curtis, Reginald (Reg) Between 2014 & early 2017 Gren Gds
Not Known Mr Warman, Alan Arthur 29 Nov 2015
(aged 75)
Gren Gds
2627985 Mr Marsh, John CE 28 Sep 2015
(aged 88)
Gren Gds
2627880 Mr Newman, Frederick I C (Fred or “Lofty”) 19 Nov 2014
(aged 89)
Gren Gds
2625063 Mr Colley, Raymond (Ray) 21 Aug 2014
(aged 90)
Gren Gds
22955426 Mr Dance, George Richard 19 Jun 2014 Gren Gds
2624807 Mr Pain, Harry GR 29 Apr 2014
(aged 87)
Gren Gds
22545045 Mr Ainscough, James (Jim) 19 Apr 2014
(aged 80)
Gren Gds
2623132 Mr Brown, William J T (Bill) 29 Jul 2013
(aged 89)
Gren Gds
2627209 Mr Brigland, Donald J (Don) 18 May 2013
(aged 86)
Gren Gds
2626288 Mr Laker, Edward (Ted) 10 Apr 2013
(aged 86)
Gren Gds
23583473 Mr Tracey, Edward (Ted) L 04 Oct 2012
(aged 74)
Gren Gds
22698290 Mr Millington, Peter J 12 Mar 2012 Gren Gds
2623093 Mr Lennox, Walter Horace (Len) 15 Dec 2011
(aged 89)
Gren Gds
24164832 Mr Haverson, Christopher Paul 25 Nov 2011
(aged 56)
Gren Gds
Mr Taylor, H (Harry) 05 Nov 2010 Life Gds
22955585 Mr Shaw, Ron Oct 2010
(aged 72)
Gren Gds
22488422 Mr Balderstone, Harold John 25 Jul 2010
(aged 77)
Gren Gds
22451372 Mr Godden, Reginald John George 19 Apr 2010
(aged 77)
Gren Gds
2614016 Mr Muddiman, Bernard A 26 Dec 2009
(aged 94)
Gren Gds
2613946 Mr Charles MM, William Ivor Russell 21 Aug 2009
(aged 94)
Gren Gds
Captain Izard, Gerald J 06 Aug 2009 Gren Gds
24070769 Mr Wigmore, Frank 26 Feb 2009 Gren Gds
22213068 Mr Tingey, MBE, Ron (WR) 27 Jun 2008 Gren Gds
2625108 Mr Pollard, Dennis Roy Jun 2008 Gren Gds
2617818 Mr Hircock, THW 2008 Gren Gds
Brigadier Prescott MC, Peter GA 31 Oct 2007 Gren Gds
2626730 Mr Billingham, Cyril 30 May 2007 Gren Gds
Major Hearn, Tom 28 Jan 2007 Welsh Gds
2621793(V) Mr Jenkins, Don 08 Nov 2006 Gren Gds
2616390 Mr Couchman, Ernie 30 Oct 2005 Gren Gds
2616398 Mr Fagg, RA Jul 2005 Gren Gds
2624719 Mr Kerr, Frank May 2005 Gren Gds
23577709 Mr Hunt, MJ (Mike) 04 Apr 2005 Gren Gds
2621899 Mr Horton, WE (Wally) 08 Mar 2005 Gren Gds
2624185 Mr Burton, J (John) 02 Jan 2005 Gren Gds
2621102 Mr Taylor, AJ 26 Dec 2004 Gren Gds
22545352 Mr Hinchcliffe, AS (Arnold) 18 Dec 2004 Gren Gds
2626481 Mr Robson, R (Roland) Jul 2004 Gren Gds
22545365 Mr Spencer, KM (Keith) Feb 2004 Gren Gds
24405343 Mr Coisier, A Mid 2003 Gren Gds
Mr Hope, J (John) TBC but around 25 Dec 2002 RHG
Mr Sayers, RS 01 Nov 2002 Gren Gds
Mr Pay, C (Cyril) 29 Mar 2002 Coldm Gds
Captain Neame, RD (Richard) 10 Feb 2002 Gren Gds
2623297 Mr Attwater, FR 2002 Gren Gds
22213578 (V) Mr Giles, EB 04 Dec 2001 Gren Gds
2628048 Mr Brown, J 10 Oct 2001 Gren Gds
2616852 Mr Williamson, A 10 Oct 2001 Gren Gds
2616531 Mr Simmons, AS 01 Jun 2001 Gren Gds
2610974 (V) Mr Hopkins MM, WF (Will) 05 Apr 2001 Gren Gds
22545497 Mr Adams, R 2001 Gren Gds
2626535 Mr Lingren, SW 2001 Gren Gds
23879905 Mr Fisher, DK Oct 2000 Gren Gds
Mr Croft, S (Sidney) 06 Jul 2000 Gren Gds
2629296 Mr McSherry, PW May 2000 Gren Gds
2621735 Mr Ellender, FS (Fred) 24 May 2000
(aged 87)
Gren Gds
Mr Elms, I (Ivan) 17 Apr 2000 Gren Gds
Mr McCulloch, J (Jerry) 17 Mar 2000 Scots Gds
Mr Cooper, J (Jerry) 25 Feb 2000 RHG
2613619 (v) Mr Coe, N C (Norman) 06 Sep 1998
(aged 82)
Gren Gds
(Former Branch Treasurer)
2615883 (V) Mr Gamble, G 27  July 1998 Gren Gds
2611597 Mr Harding, CH Circa 1997
(we were told)
Gren Gds
2616547 (V) Mr Hillyard, D (David) 1998 Gren Gds
2615684 (V) Mr Dalton, C 10 Jul 1996 Gren Gds
2626120 Mr Hollaway, K 1995 Gren Gds
2619550 Mr Bennett, H 1994 Gren Gds
2624169 (V) Mr Compton, I 1993 Gren Gds
6354856 Mr Clark, WE 1991 Gren Gds
22545305 Mr Bolton, G 1989 Gren Gds
2623473 Mr Adkins, D 1988 Gren Gds
2618332 Mr Hopkins, PJ 1998 Gren Gds
2613582 (V) Major Rousell, CG 27 Jul 1996 Gren Gds
2614500 Mr Redman, A 1995 Gren Gds
1854648 Mr Ladd, FD 1993 Gren Gds
14433 (V) Mr Smith, G 1989 Gren Gds
Mr Knight, L 1987 Gren Gds
2616142 Mr Cooper, BA 1986 Gren Gds
2620803 Mr Mason, G 1985 Gren Gds
2608723 (V) Mr Pullen, AJ
(Branch Founder)
1984 Gren Gds
2615143 Mr Moon, AF 1983 Gren Gds
2620609 Mr Smith, GG 1982 Gren Gds
2614589 Mr Brown, T 1981 Gren Gds
2607543 Mr Maskell, AC 1981 Gren Gds
14913 Mr Whybourne, HJ 1981 Gren Gds

Regimental Collect

O God grant that thy servants, the Grenadier Guards, may ever be mindful of their proud and costly heritage, that continuing to guard what is right, and fighting for what is just, they may so serve thee here in this life that they may be counted worthy to join those who now continue their service in the life to come; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them